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Southern Tobacco Beard, Body, & Hair Wash


Indulge in a truly phenomenal shower experience with Warlord's Southern Tobacco Beard, Body & Hair Wash. The aromatic blend of Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos with a hint of sweetness will transport you to the best of days gone by.

Unlike regular shampoos, this wash is specifically formulated to nourish and moisturize, leaving your face feeling smooth and refreshed. Try it today and elevate your shower game.

12 fl oz.
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Ive tried washes from hundreds of companies but I tried Warlords Southern Tobacco the search was over. I finally found the brand and scent that makes me smell and feel like a million bucks. The aroma is so rich and inviting. For anyone reading this review, search no more. Warlord has created THE product for you! As a Bonus.... They are Veteran owned and I am a Veteran. Its a no brainer!
Jeremy Duty
Southern Tobacco Beard, Body, & Hair Wash is the best smelling body wash on the market! I stock up on this wash so my guy never has to purchase mediocre body wash! I even give bottles as gifts to both of our dads and my brother- they look forward to it every birthday & Christmas. Customer service is squared away and shipping is always so fast! I love that it is made here in the USA and by a Veteran owned company that also gives back to the community!
By far the best scent known to man.
Brett Kavanagh
The original formula of this was fantastic!! The best on the market!! The scent molecules lingered a long time and mixed well with the cream soap. Now, they’ve changed it to the clear formula and the scent is basically non-existent after 30 minutes. Guys, you had it perfect the first time! I hope you bring back the original formula some day.
If you don’t use warlord beard oil F*%# you
Pip dovack
The Southern Tabacco shampoo smells great and the scent is long lasting. I 100% recommend this product.
Rafael Cortez
My husband loves this product. A bigger bottle would be fabulous but we’ll purchase this for life! The scent is so good it’s like a female aphrodisiac. My husband definitely uses this product to his advantage ?
Devin Perry
This stuff has gotten me laid more times than Purple Rain!
Timothy Smith
This stuff has gotten .e laid more times than purple rain!
Timothy Smith
My husband loves the quality and smell of Warlord’s “Southern Tobacco” and I LOVE the smell! We are a customer for life!
My Son-In-Law left a bottle of Warlord’s “Southern Tobacco” hair and body wash behind in my shower after his family’s last visit. I used it once and that’s all it took, I’m hooked...This stuff is amazing! I just bought some as a birthday present for my best friend of 42 years.
Michael J Winn
I just picked this up from a salon a couple of days ago and I really like it. I already had some of the pomade and really love that too.!!
Joshua Mahathy
I received warlord’s “southern tobacco” hair and body wash as a stocking stuffer for Christmas and it is some awesome stuff with a great smell that stays with you all day. It is so good I had to take the time to find this website and leave a review and I don’t typically leave reviews. Keep up the great work!
Brett Mcdaniel

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