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Guaranteed Sales

Guaranteed Sales with Warlord - Elevate Your Retail Offering

 I'm excited to introduce Warlord - Men's Grooming Essentials, a leading manufacturer and retailer of high-quality men's grooming products. We offer a diverse product range that caters to a broad demographic, coupled with an unparalleled, risk-free retail opportunity.

 Key reasons to consider Warlord:

  • Sales Guarantee: We stand behind the market performance of our products. If our products don't sell within 90 days, we buy them back or replace them with your best-selling items, offering a risk-free retail opportunity.
  • Diverse Product Range: Our line includes popular items such as beard oil, beard balm, shaving lotion, and bar soap.
  • Broad Appeal: Our products attract not only men but also women seeking gifts for the bearded men in their lives. This wide appeal drives strong sales across various retail environments, including traditionally female-focused venues like salons and boutiques.
  • High Sell-Through Rate: Our products consistently demonstrate high sell-through, confirming their strong market performance and customer approval.

 Here's How It Works:

 Our Guaranteed Sales Program, designed with our partners in mind, is both straightforward and hassle-free. As your ally, we're committed to supporting your retail success. While it's unlikely you'll need it, here's how it works:

  1. Place Your Order: You choose the products you want to stock from our wide range. 90-Day Clock Begins: The countdown starts from the day your order is delivered.
  2. Not Selling? Let Us Know: If our products aren't selling within the 90-day period, simply contact us and choose one of the following options:
    1. Request a full refund for the remaining stock.
    2. Opt for a 1:1 trade for other products that have sold well for you.
  3. Package the Products: Securely package the unsold products, noting the weight and dimensions of the package.
  4. We'll Provide a Shipping Label: We'll send you a shipping label via email to facilitate the return.
  5. Full Refund or Trade: Once we receive the return, we'll issue a full refund, or if you've opted for a trade, we'll send the replacement products.


And there you have it!

Our commitment to your success doesn't stop at the first order.

Our guarantee applies to every order you place with us, making the
decision to stock Warlord products a confident choice.

We will also add your shop/store to our SHOP LOCAL page to push local customers to you!

If requested, we will offer product recommendations based on what we know will sell for your specific store.  

We stand with you, every step of the way.

Questions? Reach out to us at today, and let's explore how we can boost your retail revenue together.

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