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Southern Tobacco


Indulge in the nostalgic scent of Southern Tobacco Beard Oil, a fragrant blend of Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos with a hint of sweetness to transport you back to the good old days. This amazing oil includes ten shades of richness, with a spicy undertone to add depth to the aroma. It's the perfect way to honor the traditions of your past and start each new day with renewed energy. Imagine sitting on your grandfather's porch, surrounded by the comforting scent of his pipe, as he shared stories from his rocking chair. Southern Tobacco Beard Oil brings that same sense of simplicity and depth to your daily grooming routine. Order now and enjoy the ultimate beard experience!

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golden jojoba oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, essential and/or fragrance oils

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Undeniably the sexiest smelling stuff on earth! Get the Southern Tobacco, you won't regret it. My man's beard looks glorious and I can't stop touching it. I recommend Warlord to EVERYONE, even if they don't ask about it lol. Seriously, even at my hair salon. I found this stuff in Texas when I lived there and moved back to Florida and we still buy it here. Best product on the market and worth the price ❤️
If you’re looking for a beard oil that’s smells like sweet pipe tobacco this is it. I’ve always loved the smell but no other company has come close to getting it right. Goes on smooth and the sweet tobacco smell lasts all day.
Yosefu Hauge
I have actually used Southern Tobacco beard oil for a few years now. I have tried many different brands, and scents and Warlords Southern Tobacco beats them all. Smells phenomenal, feels great on my beard, my skin, and I have even been known to rub my hands in my hair after rubbing the oil into my beard just because I love the smell so much.
Tony Faville
I first found this brand in a barbershop in Oklahoma City. They had several scents but Southern Tobacco grabbed my attention the most and that was the first bottle I bought. I have subsequently gotten a package deal after sending a copy of my DD-214 and getting the military discount. This kit included the shampoo, beard balm, beard oil, and solid cologne. I have tried many other oils but keep coming back to Warlord and have even given partial bottle to friends and co-workers who have asked me about what cologne I'm wearing.
Justin Black
My barber first put me on it. When my gf smelled me she said “I could literally eat you right now.” This smell is legit 😮‍💨
Howard Gaines
Southern Tobacco is… incredible. I love this stuff and my wife loves it on me. Amazing product.
Southern Tobacco is…like the greatest thing that ever existed. It is definitely a game changer. Ladies: lock those men up with this one 😂
Southern Tobacco is a game changer!
Southern Tobacco is…great! I order it all the time for my man, he absolutely loves it and won't use anything else. I love the smell!!
Southern Tobacco is by far the best beard oil out there. I won’t use anything else on my mane. We’ll put it this way, I was literally a brand ambassador for another company and got this as a gift. Stopped for that company and haven’t quit buying this ever since! Great stuff! Best scent ever too! Wife loves it.
My favorite beard oil! Outstanding quality, performance and scent! Equally versatile as an aftershave/hair oil. The 1 oz. bottle fits perfectly in a Dopp kit.
My relationship with warlord beard oil began in 2015 when I gave a six minute speech in my public speaking class about the importance of men growing beards for a functioning society. I used a quote from the warlord himself to prove the point. Real men grow beards. Unfortunately for me at that time, I was only able to grow a Texas beard (lots of wide open spaces), so I never had a manly enough beard to justify buying beard oil. However, when the covid hit I put all of my efforts into growing a truly magnificent beard. I told my facial hair to not listen to the governor mandates and to stop social distancing. With real “can do” attitude they came together during truly trying times and they made one magnificent beard. Now I am proud to say I use southern tobacco beard oil because my beard and the countless girls from my nursing school love it. If you want a purchase to benefit you, your face, your women, and this great country of ours all at the same time, this is your beard oil. Purchase now and experience greatness.
Caleb Lynch
This is by far the best smelling and quality beard oil I have ever used. The smell is wonderful and what it does to my beard and skin is amazing. I recommend it to my friends with beards. My daughter is ten and undergoing chemo for her leukemia and has lost her hair. She likes the smell so much she ask me every morning to put some on her head. :-) Thanks for the great product!
I love this stuff! Bought it from a store in Florida that’s family with the owner of this company and absolutely loved it from the very first try! If you’re skeptical at all don’t be, it has a sweet and soft smell. Not too strong but I promise you won’t regret it
Luke Manning
I love this one, smells very pleasant. My wife enjoys this. Reminds me of a lightly scented pipe tobacco
Auric Goldfinger
My go to beard oil in the shop. My clients love it, and yours will too.
Ty Porter
Smells amazing!
Luke Manning
Tried this when I got a hair cut/beard trim while working in west Texas and I have to say it is INCREDIBLE! Scent and quality is on point!
Cody Prosser
By far one of the best oils I’ve found. I like the Southern Tobacco the best. Barber Shop has a nice crisp scent.
Best beard oil around, I was using Viking oil but this Warlord product is MUCH better, love the sweet tobacco scent!!!
Totally love Southern Tobacco!. I told three guys with beard about it and 2 of them already had it. LO! Do you have a product for women yet> 5+++++
Katy O Ishee
I have personally tried many beard oils. I met The Maker at a show and tried some of the Southern Tobacco. Hesitant as always at how long it would last on me and worried about the smell. The only thing I am disappointed with is ever barber shop in Nashville doesn’t have it yet! All the fragrances are top notch!
Best beard oil ever ! I started using this beard oil last September and I’m definitely not disappointed! I must admit I tried few other beard oils and they couldn’t come close to the quality and the smell of Warlord beard oil. If you’re looking for a great product look no further this stuff is amazing !
Just got this today 3/7/19! I got home from work showered and put this on just in time for my wife to get home. I didn’t even have to say anything. She loves it, I love it put it on around 5pm and its 9:30 now and can still smell it like I just put it on. I will be coming back for sure!
I bought this for my husband without him knowing until it came in the mail. He tried it right away. The smell is vanilla-ish. When my toddler got a hold of it and dumped it out I asked my husband if he wanted to try another brand or reorder Southern Tabacco. He said that he wanted to stay with Warlord but a different scent because Southern Tabacco makes him hungry. That may not sound like much but it means my husband really liked what the oil did for his beard. Luckily, there are several scents for him to try until he finds the one he loves. I really recommend this brand. It was nice to have my husband come home after working on heavy machinery all day and his beard not smell like oil, but his beard oil.
I meant to hit five stars, I would give you ten if it were an option
Corey Yeida
I have been searching for a beard oil that I really liked for about a year. I have 5 bottles of different brands of beard oil in my bathroom vanity, and haven’t found one that I liked. I bought a bottle of southern tobacco a week ago, and I have to say I’m very impressed. I think I have found my new beard oil. Thank you guys for an awesome product!!
Corey Yeida
Goes on smooth and not greasy/oily. The more you use it the more you’ll love it. I’ve used others that just smelled like vanilla but this has a nice pipe tobacco scent!!
The southern tobacco is the best smell I have ever tried. This is my 3rd bottle. It’s well worth it. Great company and great people.
Brandon Mitchell
Southern Tobacco smells GREAT. I’m hooked, from now on I’m a customer for life.
Like many, my wife got this for me and it was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. It’s now been a year since that first bottle and although I’d love to break and try some of the other scents (I did try Barbershop and it was incredible also) I just keep going back to this one every time. I liked it so well I picked up the hair, body, and beard soap. Make this into a cologne and you wouldn’t be able to keep it in stock.
Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m very pleased with my Southern Tobacco beard oil. I’ve gotten several positive comments about it already. Also, the Maraco sampler was a great bonus. Keep up the good work. I’m thinking the Barbershop oil will be my new purchase.
Steven M
This beard oil is THE BEST. Hands down. My husband loves it and I love it on him. No other brand compares.
Devin Perry
Amazing stuff here. This one is my personal favorite. Fair warning don’t wear it if you don’t want the ladies giving you some extra attention. And the scent lasts all day
This stuff has gotten me laid more than Purple Rain!
Timothy Smith
Best beard oil going, I get complimented all the time in how nice my beard is and how great it smells. Random strangers I walk by ask what that awesome smell is and certain coworkers straight up walk up and smell my beard daily...
This one gets a 5 star. Love the scent. Stays with you all day. I’ve only tried Barbershop, Aruba, and Southern Tobacco so far and S.T. Is by far my favorite. Very nice!
Just got my Southern Tobacco in the mail. I Love It!!!!! Put some on before I went to bed last night and the scent was still with me in the morning when I woke up. The last brand I used faded away within an hour. My beard already is behaving a little better as wel.. This is great stugg!!!!
Erik Adams
My brother bought this for me for Christmas. It is amazing!!! Over about 2 weeks it felt softer, and my wife is coo coo for cocoa puffs over the smell. Even though the bottle is small, it is plenty considering it only takes a few drops to run through the whole beard.
darrin s hand
Damn Good! • My wife turned me on to this. I have been impressed! Such a good product. Sweet but not overwhelming. It almost smells like cinnamon pecans. My beard is soft and looks great since I started using this!
Best scent I’ve ever used. Worth the price. People randomly stop me to ask what scent that is. I only wish it came in a spray bottle
Mike Mason
I bought the “Southern Tobacco” oil for my husband a couple of days ago. Along with the “Oxford wax” and Beard & body wash. My husband has NEVER, I mean NEVER been able to stand growing a beard for more than two weeks! He’s one of those blue collar boys. Anyway, I’ve always wanted him to grow his beard out. So he decided to finally do it. He was shopping on the internet for beard oil, and I was like...NOPE! I’m going to get you some from my supplier. (I’m a hairstylist) And I’m SO GLAD I DID!!! Two of the checkout girls were ranting and raving about how great it smells, and how their husbands/boyfriends loved their Warlord products. They were dead on! You should rename this oil to “panty droppers” It’s that good!!!!! Seriously. I’m buying these for my men clients w/ beards!!! They will thank me later. Thank you warlord for such an amazing product!!!!!
I’m just a normal guy with a normal beard. Never really thought much about beard oil but my barber put this on me one day and my girlfriend can’t get enough of it. So now it’s a part of my daily routine.
Allen Drewe
The “Southern Tobacco” beard oil is hands down my favorite so far! (Followed closely by “Oxford.”) My wife loves the scent and how soft it conditions my very coarse beard. And I have received numerous compliments from female friends and coworkers about this scent as well. • The best beard oil I’ve ever used!!
Lance Williams
Thought so many good reviews might put it in that too good to be true category, but for me and my wife it really is great. I love it she loves it just good stuff. The smell stays with you so much better than other beard oils I’ve tried. Great Stuff thanks Warlord.
I use Southern Tobacco. Great product from a great company. It is a healthy beard oil with the subtle aroma of clean, pure tobacco that hints at a by-gone era and invokes a sense of southern freedom. Folliculis Libertatis!
Frank Thrasher
Bought for my sons and husband for Christmas. They are all calling and telling me “mom I’m out and I can’t find it.” Picked up four bottles from my salon today but no Southern Tobacco in stock. Love this product!
This is the first time buying beard oil the smell Is great have gotten a few complaints on how nice the smell Is I’ll be buying more soon
Aaron laster
I ordered the Southern Tobacco because of the description. In my youth I would follow my grandfather around as he smoked his pipe. I would always stay a few steps behind to take in the sweet smell of his tobacco smoke. I was hoping this oil would bring back those memories. I was not disappointed. The scent is just strong enough to last while not being overwhelming . It’s rich and full with a soft sweet note on top. Great job Warlord! I plan to try your other scents soon.
Chuck Jindrich
This is the most amazing smell ever for any mens grooming product, and thats saying a lot because I’m a hair dresser and new scents are out constantly. I bought this for my husband today and I love it!! I will definitely be buying this again and telling everyone about it! Your description of it is right on point also.
Melissa Henry
I love this stuff you literally smell it all day. Great product I think you guys should get some air fresheners together or something I would buy just about anything in this fragrance.
Langdon Goray
Wonderful beard oil! My wife as well as some other female passersby loved it and asked about what scent I was wearing. They were kinda amused when I said it was beard oil.
Micheal W. Joyner CW2 (ret)
Thanks again for such a great product! I have been using the beard oil daily and it works great. I have turned a few other guys on to your products as well.
Officer Anderson
My fiance’s mustache has never looked,felt or smelled so good. Love warlord beard oil
Best beard oil ever!!! My husbands beard has never felt, looked, or smelled better. Definitely my husbands signature scent. We love Warlord Beard Oil!

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