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Warlord Classic Pomade – Barbershop


All-natural and petroleum-free, Barbershop Pomade gets its shine from coconut oil and its medium-to-firm hold from lanolin and beeswax. And trust us, if you’ve never used a pomade infused with lanolin, you owe it to yourself to give this a try. Barbershop Pomade’s crisp aroma and steady hold will put a spring in your step just like hopping up from the barber’s chair and shaking his steady hand. Everything about this pomade is a job well done.

Warlord Classic Pomades come in a 4 oz. tub.

4 oz.
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lanolin, beeswax, coconut oil, golden jojoba oil, essential and/or fragrance oils

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I have incredibly thick and course hair. I have used just about every different kind of hair product to tame the beast that resides on top of my head, and I can tell you that nothing compares to this stuff. The hold is firm but somehow leaves my hair feeling soft and pliable to the touch. And it lasts all day with no need to touch up. Smells great and compliments my cologne to boot. If you're unsure of the price, belive me. It's well worth it!
Love the stuff. Little brother is a barber and gave me a tin and it’s all I use now. I’ve compared it to 4 others and they just don’t hold up to this.
Levi Peterson
Just had my hair cut and I am very picky about the product in my hair. I hate the heavy sticky crap that is out there. This was and is excellent. I just ordered some for my home, great product!
Used most of the others out there. This has been the best ever! Works great...both on my hair and my beard and mustache. Plus, it is mfg. by our Brothers in Arms.
Holds great, smells great, and doesn’t have that uncomfortable hair gel feeling.
Hairstylist here. Just used this on a client who wanted the Brad Pitt Fury look and it worked awesome! I was a little nervous because it has a more wax feel but it worked great.

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