About Warlord

Warlord: A Grooming Company for the Nostalgic

In February 2014, Warlord emerged on the scene as a beacon of men’s grooming excellence, rooted in the rich tapestry of bygone eras. Our CEO, Bud Hadley, born and raised in Mobile Alabama, served as a combat medic with the 1165th MP CO out of Fairhope, AL, and was deployed to Iraq from 2003 to 2004 (16 months) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF-1). Post his military service, Bud had a fulfilling 15-year career as a registered respiratory therapist. Now, he channels his dedication and precision into Warlord, ensuring the brand stands as a hallmark of quality in the men's grooming domain.

Our ethos is simple - to provide a gateway to 'The Good Ol Days' through an exquisite grooming journey. Warlord is dedicated to furnishing men with top-tier grooming products that not only elevate their aesthetic appeal, but also resonate with the rich essence of nostalgia. The meticulous craft goes into every product, using a blend of the finest natural and near-natural ingredients, encapsulating an assurance of quality. Our pride is not just in the unparalleled quality of materials used but extends to a promise of customer satisfaction, underlined by a robust guarantee on all of our offerings.

At Warlord, the spectrum of grooming essentials we offer caters to both the seasoned grooming aficionados and those embarking on their grooming voyage. Our product range is a passport to escalating your beard and grooming game to uncharted echelons. Embark on this voyage with us, and the transformation in your beard and grooming narrative will be palpable. Our commitment is towards crafting a grooming narrative that transcends the mundane, creating a camaraderie among men who value the essence of the past while looking dapper in the present.

We invite you to be part of this grooming odyssey, where each product is a bridge to reliving cherished memories, while you carve out new ones. Our anticipation is not just to enhance your grooming experience but to create a community where the spirit of nostalgia and the joy of looking suave, merge into a narrative of timeless elegance. Your engagement with Warlord is not just a purchase; it's an investment in a tradition of grooming excellence.

We are happy as hell to have you with us!

The Warlord Team